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Whisper OST

Horror, Feature, Christopher Jolley, Greenway Entertainment, 2021.
A young Nurse is assigned to look after a patient in a remote location in the English countryside. As the night continues she finds herself terrorized by an unseen force that is connected with her patient.


Coming Soon - One Four Three

Drama, Feature, Jade Winters, Wicked Winters Ltd, 2021.

A woman diagnosed with amnesia struggles to remember her attacker, her lover, and herself.

'A Different Breed of Composer/Sound Designer'

'I am what I guess you could call a 'Method Composer', similar to the practice of method acting. What makes my style unique is that it is created from within the story internally rather than just fitted to picture. By placing my point of view from within the world of the characters and story, The music and sound that is created is as fluent, complimentary and unique to the on screen events as it possibly can be. I began composing in this way because I am tired of regurgitated soundtracks that plague the industry and never quite seem to fit the world that they are composed for. Every project is unique and creates it's own world, my job as a composer and sound designer is to help bring that world to life and compliment the emotional intent. I think that might be why every soundtrack that I create sounds unique and fresh, because there is no starting template, the only thing that my music is influenced by is the project itself.'   

"The Score/Soundtrack is a testament to the knowledge of the genre and adds tremendous power to the aura of each scene." 
- Thy Demons By Scribblin 

"The Composition of David John Bartlett is absolute dynamite!" 
- Erin Miskell, Back Seat Driver Reviews