For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to be a composer/sound designer working to the moving image. I have spent years learning and honing my craft, both in education and in my own time. It hasn't been easy for me to break into the industry, coming from a background of very little financial support and no connections, I've had to work my way up from the very bottom of the industry ladder with only perseverance and sheer determination as support.

What I believe has enabled me to gain success in the industry thus far is my unique composing style. I have been labelled a 'new breed of composer' by reviewers. My style of composing music or sound can be likened to that of 'Method acting', as in, it is fully immersive. I immerse myself fully into the story/project before I begin composing. I have no templates, no external influences, the only thing that shapes the sounds that I create is the project itself. Composing in this way results in scores that have been described as immersive, fluent or flowing, complimentary and most importantly, unique. I believe that the industry has had enough regurgitated scores for one lifetime, it's time for a new breed of composers to come through, it's time for originality, it's time for Immersion.